Day 898 and Bangers

I don’t typically look back on my posts except in my end of year round ups in December when I try to come to grips with another trip around the sun. But a friend mentioned they had really enjoyed this week so I went and looked back. And I’d say this week is all bangers.

That’s not really typical as I have ups and downs as you’d expect from any daily habit. One of my promises to myself when I began this experiment was to not judge where I was on any given day and simply practice. But I sure brought the fucking goods this week.

On Monday I wrote a love letter to my husband about not celebrating birthdays on his birthday. On Tuesday I wrote about how writing helps you think and why this is a different skill set than being valuable to others. On Wednesday I wrote about how to avoid being an NPC (non-playable character in your own life) and why this agency emerges from empathy. On Thursday I wrote about witnessing pain in others as someone who lives in chronic pain. And on Friday I wrote about the suddenly and then all at once of declaring email bankruptcy.

I don’t think I’ve ever had a streak as good. I think my email bankruptcy post is probably the best of the bunch as a narrative as it’s a story I think anyone who has lived a longtime online will enjoy. But it’s a toss up between between the others as to which has the most emotional resonance.

If you are in love perhaps it’s my husbands birthday that will speak to you. If you have someone sick in your life or are in the throes of pain that’s probably the winner. But the one that can change your life with a metaphor? Probably the NPC post. I hope if you stumble across this roundup today I hope you will go read the bangers as I’m very proud of the quality of my work this week. Practice does indeed work. Thanks Allen Iverson!

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