Chronic Disease

Day 556 and Histamines

I am so itchy my entire body is covered in yellow and purple bruises from my attempts to generate some form of relief. I set out title tag this post with “itchy” but apparently I did that three days ago.

That makes me feel super fucked as I honestly don’t even remember writing it. It’s been a blur of Benadryl and travel and shitty sleep and absolutely no recovery. And I am desperately thirsty because I keep taking drugs that dry you out. It’s a misery.

I am running a poll on Twitter asking if nausea, pain or itching is the worst discomfort. Pain changes you the most. Nausea is the most consuming. Itchiness is the most irritating.

I probably feel that way because I am being driven absolutely nuts by the itching. I went for a short walk this morning before the heat dome took the temperature to 100 degrees in Colorado. It was still hot enough that I swear. And everywhere I swear I found myself with a light heat rash afterwards. My body is clearly on some kind of self hating response loop as that’s not normal even for me.