Chronic Disease Chronicle

Day 104 and Having HP

When you live with a chronic illness a certain element of unpredictability is always there. As I’m settle into having a case that is under control (what I wouldn’t give for a term like remission but autoimmune doesn’t get terms like that) I find my body is more reliable. More days are good days and bad days can be papered over with drugs. And as an autoimmune case stabilizes you can take more risks to push through bad days without promoting a systems cascade. That means you can take more risks on a good day and have a positive outcome.

Today was a good day. It might sound strange but this was the first noticeable day where I worked a straight workday in over 18 months. I started off before 9am and didn’t wrap until 5:30. I barely broke for lunch. It’s not that I haven’t worked during my sabbatical and recovery months, but typically I try to keep a pattern of rest between work blocks. I doubt anyone feels great at 4pm but in particular I notice all my symptoms are at their worst in the later afternoon. Frankly people are onto something with siestas.

I’m honestly thrilled to have had an extended good day. I didn’t notice any major pain spikes at any point in the day. I can usually tell if I overdo it and need to rest. Sometimes it’s just a pain spike that forces me to lay down. That wasn’t the case today and even more excitingly I don’t think I dipped into any reserves to have a full day. I suspect I’ll feel fine tomorrow.

It’s honestly not that different from using up too much HP or lives in a video game. Sometimes you gotta do it but it’s expensive. And sometimes you go up against a boss and are like oh “huh” guess I’m stronger than I thought. Today I discovered I’ve actually built back up my HP. And I’ve still got all that old XP from years of grinding. It felt like I had misjudged the difficulty of a level I hadn’t played in ages. I was so sure I was going to get beat. But I sailed right though. And I’ve still got plenty of lives for whatever level I’m playing through tomorrow.