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Day 1141 and Blind Optimism

The specifics of it aren’t important, the fact of the matter is that it’s been “one thing after another” for me. I bet you know the feeling.

I felt grateful be enjoying a lower friction global homo cosmopolitanism for the night. I need something be smooth brained for a little bit.

I got middle rent generic Mediterranean street food delivered through an intermediated mobile app for dinner. And then I turned on Netflix to settle in for the most middle brow content. There is another season of Love is Blind.

I am a sucker for this show. There is something so optimistic about a blind dating marriage reality show. If you had been doom and gloom for so long imagine opening up all post-pandemic with your shiny therapy emotional journeys.

It strikes me as a pop culture cousin to effective accelerationists. Nothing says accelerate quite like committing. Marriage markets would be very e/acc.

If I have to keep living I may as well do it with the hopeful optimism of someone who throws themselves into their future. All in. I really admire the optimism.

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I have to admit that I used to watch “Married at First Sight” years ago because it made me feel a little hopeful that I wasn’t entirely a lost cause during depression.

Feeling like you don’t have a future or anyone to experience life with is the worst.

With those shows, it is kind of like “we obviously are doing something wrong but we have the right intentions” where two wandering souls through their missteps figure they might as well find someone else who hasn’t figured it all out to maybe cancel it all out.

There is something really wonderful about getting these slices of life and thought into my inbox now. I didn’t realize I could subscribe but kept coming back to the page when you posted from Twitter. Also, Love is Blind Sweden is a ride, and there was a lot to relate to.

I’m so happy to hear that. I watched the first episode of Love is Blind Sweden and am already enjoying it. Love is the universal language

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